I need a friend. But now my tummy is full, I have clean water wherever I want and my own bed. About 13 years old.

chihuahua puppy rescues

She was definitely the missing piece in our home. Click on the "Forms" button at the top of this page and then on "On-line adoption application". She was a good mom but she had to go to a nursing home and that's when her large collection of strays became homeless again. Henry Chihuahua mix, male Birth date: Come on, let's get the party started. Now let's talk personality. One day one of the bigger dogs attacked me and I had to go to the hospital.

Woof! Why buy a Chihuahua puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? Look at pictures of Chihuahua puppies who need a home.

I see myself as a deep thinker. We'll talk about it. One that is ready for a very happy, playful and mischievous puppy. I don ' t know how I became an orphan. No kids under 6 years. I've been a loyal and loving pet all my life. Don't you just want to give me a big hug?

If they held a contest for the sweetest, playful but not rambunctious, quiet, well-mannered dog in the whole world, I would win. Panda - Adoption Pending. I may look serious but I have a very good sense of humor; just chihuahua puppy rescues Judge Judy. I know we can make beautiful music together.

chihuahua puppy rescues

Don't you just want to give me a big hug? I am as beautiful as his music, a handsome applehead complete with a little turned up nose. I know we can make beautiful music together.

Then I have fun tussling with my foster brother and I'll gladly play gently with you too. All 11 pups are healthy and happy. Please ask to meet me at the next Meet N' Greet. Sergio - Adoption Pending. You would also be correct if you think I can live up to my name. No, I am not the Flying Nun.

Chihuahua mix, Male Birth date: But my brother and I, who are look-alikes, are busy looking for a new home. Did you see that?

If you have a big heart, I promise to climb right into it. I love to daydream. My name is Juan but you can call me Don Juan if you like. My foster mom says I am a good boy and I like everyone, big people, little people and other dogs. Elvis officially became part of our family and we love him.

When Rescuers Found This Tiny Dog, They Realized She’d Probably Spent Most Of Her Life In Darkness

My siblings were both adopted but I'm still waiting for you to come get me. I am willing to learn if you have a little time and patience.

We aren't bonded so we can go to different homes. Henry Chihuahua mix, male Birth date: She can assist you in finding available Chihuahuas for adoption in your area.

I'll bet you are a deep thinker too. Ready for adoption Oct.

chihuahua puppy rescues

Albuquerque New Mexico Chihuahuas Rescue and Adoption Organization. I have four beautiful puppies and I am taking very good care of them. Once my.

Corky Chihuahua, Male Birth date: I know you think I am smiling. I have the right markings but I only weigh about as much as a Husky's head.

chihuahua puppy rescues

I make happy little noises when you come home and I especially relish curling up next to your head while you sleep. Then I get to find a forever home for myself. I think I should because I am cuter than Casper, don't you think?

Texas Chihuahua Rescue is comprised of passionate individuals, dedicated to saving We strive to educate our community, assist our shelters, and continue to .

We don't have to stay together so we can go to different homes. You see I am looking for that special person just like you are looking for that special dog! I kept waiting for her to come back for me, but she didn't. My sister, Keebler and I were born with dry eye, a condition the vet hopes we will outgrow. I was left tied outside and not cared for even on those super hot days. I swear I am not mad. How could you possibly pass by my adorable face and not say , That's the dog for me.

I want to be your only dog. Since I stopped making puppies I was pretty much forgotten about and left to care for myself.

chihuahua puppy rescues

We were only 2 weeks old and had to be bottle fed. I'm not just good-looking; I have a playful side and love to take toys out of my box and run with them. I am missing some teeth because I didn't brush after meals. We liked our home. I just don ' t understand some humans. Stokoe picked up the phone and called a local rescue group, which had posted the picture.


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