This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Pit is spelled with 1 t by the way. So adopting her breed was one of the main reasons why I specifically wanted a pitbull.

blue pitbull puppy

The blue nose pit bull life span is approximately 12 to 14 years. I learned that it is caused by yeast growing on the skin. Pit bulls can have a tendency to be aggressive to other dogs and early socialization and training is a must. Even some pits that have been mauled by other dogs while chained to a pole in their past have been play group all stars. Thank u very much and have a nice day. If you have other dogs or pets in your home, then this breed is not a good choice of dog breed to choose.

If you're the type of person who can't keep up with an active pet, then the Blue Nose Pitbull is not the pet for you. Blue Nose.

When you are considering whether to adopt a blue pit bull puppy , ask yourself the following questions to determine if this is the right type of dog for you:. Some pit bull owners refer to the dogs as stubborn but with the right positive reinforcement training and socialization , these puppies can become excellent family pets. Your link was about dog odor, not sweat…. She will go after any critter with 4 legs or with wings. When giving a bath to the dog put it in a tub or a sink while using a mild pet shampoo. I feel that everyone who wants to write something should keep in my that everyone else is going off what we have learned and what we have read.

Nevertheless, even if the dog does not have a blue nose, they are still considered as Blue Nose Pitbulls. That statue drove her crazy for a couple weeks until she finally started ignoring it. Unfortunately, over-breeding does occur in some blue pit bulls and can result in behavioral and health problems. So I just read that they are technically American blue pitbull puppy terriors.

blue pitbull puppy

This is a spoof site, right? BS… Blue pits are no different than any other pit except color. I have a blue nose pit that I adopted off death row.

The stubbornness of the Blue Nose Pitbulls can be frustrating since the dog will just do what it wants while ignoring you and any blue pitbull puppy you give. I have this blue nose pitbull and she is so playful but at times she gets to rough and i try to tell her no bad girl in a deep firm voice but when that does not work bc blue pitbull puppy just growls at me right back!

Blue Nose Pitbull – 15 Interesting Facts About this Dog

Educate yourself before posting anything else. Believe it or not for a dog whose ancestors were bred to fight they are loving and affectionate to kids. Some people think that the dog is dangerous and think kind of condemnation is not justified. Comments BS… Blue pits are no different than any other pit except color. There is some confusion over whether pit bulls should be called American Staffordshire Terriers or American Pitbull Terriers.

Pitbull puppy (growth and training)

They are sweet loving and powerful dogs. Dogs do sweat, not from pours like we do but they sweat from their tongues. Him to the vet!

The impact of being hit by the dog is almost like a tackle and the furniture, or anything that is breakable is at risk when the dog jumps up and down without restraint. It may be the most compassionate and fulfilling decision of your life! Pit is spelled with 1 t by the way. In fact I was walking my dog and some lady had her pomeranian off leash running in the park it ran up to my pit and started barking and growling yet the lady told me to get my dog away from hers as if money was the problem.

A lot of dog breeds come in blue. Blue is not rare. Kirsty, I did just that, my Blue Pretty Pittie came from the adoption center in my town. The less-informed people often fall for this kind of ploy not knowing that the dogs are American Pit Bull Terriers who just have a different color on its nose.

blue pitbull puppy

Blue pit bull puppies are among the most sought-after coat color variations of the American Pit Bull Terrier. If you are considering adopting a blue pit bull, it is important to find a reputable breeder and to understand the breed. Blue pit bulls and blue-nose pit bulls are.

No arguing or rude comment please. Blue nose Pitbull puppies benefit the most from the mentioned training, but adult Pitbulls can still learn. Remove their leash and let them take blue pitbull puppy off to enjoy the outdoors. I think i can add one of the link here what i wrote about tips for the pitbull owners, might help other pitbull owners as well. Puppies may develop temperament issues later blue pitbull puppy life unforeseen in their young months.

blue pitbull puppy

It is hard to imagine that this friendly and lovable started out as a killing machine for the cruel pastime know as blood sports. Of all the dogs in the world, she is the one that I have no fear of, she is loyal, and obedient, and very loving. I had read a comment somewhere and was responding to the comment not the article.

4 days ago We almost always have "blue pitbull puppies for sale", or "blue pitbulls for sale", as we have breedings all different times of the year. Here at.

Reputable breeders of full blooded blue pit bulls should fit the following description. I own two bearded dragons and out of three dogs to Ronnies and one pit my pitbull is the only one that I trust to be near my dragons LOL She lays on the bed and just watches. This is the benefit of adopting an adult dog instead of a puppy. If you consider this dog to a watchdog based on its looks, alone, then you are sadly wrong. This dog is an American Pit Bull Terrier whose nose pit is colored blue. Rachelle, your idiocy is showing. All females in her line showed aggression, yet they were beautiful.

Blue is not rare. Like typed in your post. Can he adjust to the other three dogs? Due to the fact that blue coats and noses are the results of a recessive trait, breeders who specialize in producing blue pit bulls have to be careful not to over-breed the same dogs since they are working with small gene pools.

blue pitbull puppy

Thus the inbreeding to increase chances of producing gray offspring. They are also very intelligent dogs that enjoy people so you can train them to do many fun things such as tricks, dog sports , and even therapy dog work. Some pit bull experts argue that blue pit bulls are not even true American Pit Bull Terriers. The blue color cannot be found in most dog breeds. Thanks for pointing out that blue-nosed pit bulls do not always have a blue nose. Well, you obviously have not owned a blue.


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