If you are the kind to snuggle up on the couch with your dog and border collie shepherd mix TV or read a book, then please get another breed, as this will be the most wrong choice of dog for you. Small Dogs That Bark Less. Which is why responsible dog breeders only recommend the crossing of any 2 border collie shepherd mix that are closest to each other in terms of size, temperament, personality, history, and overall health.

border collie shepherd mix

Jack Russell Terrier Chihuahua Mix. Guard Dogs that Don't Shed. Impart firm but friendly training; shouting or scolding will not get you anywhere. Mental stimulation is very important for this mix breed; the Border Collie is the smartest dog breed after all. Taking after its parents, it will try to herd everyone in the house into one place by nipping at the heels. Eye colors are usually brown or green.

Welcome to your complete guide to the Border Collie German Shepherd Mix dog! The “Shollie,” or a Border Collie x German Shepherd, is a.

Living with a family, they exhibit the same qualities, and therefore, should only be allowed to interact with older and more responsible children. It is a happy and lively breed with a very positive outlook towards life. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix combines two breeds that are remarkably similar and create a smart, active dog that loves to work hard and play hard. Jack Russell Terrier Mix. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is a dog that has long hair and that sheds quite a bit. The physical requirements of your dog must be met, or else you must be ready to face the deadly repercussions.

The mix of these two border collie shepherd mix results in a dog that has an abundance of energy, especially as a puppy. The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is a dog that has long hair and that sheds quite a bit. The coat of your new dog will likely be long. You didn't think its offspring would turn out any different, did you?

border collie shepherd mix

Their energy levels are extremely high, so be prepared to spend a good couple of hours in the morning and evening to exhaust them. But if you have lots of energy and plenty of time to devote to your dog, we say go for it! Dog Behavior Before Death. Part of the reason behind these conditions is that the breeds are active at times, while another reason is that they enjoy relaxing and doing nothing while they are inside.

However, if you fulfill its exercise and energy requirements, then there may not be any problems with keeping it in an apartment. Considering that both parents are working breeds designed to herd and work hard, this pup has plenty of energy and will require lots of exercise and play. What can be worse than a bored dog? Pomeranian-Australian Shepherd Mix Information. However, they may inherit the Collie's floppy, furry ears, which gives them a much softer look than the rather serious-looking Shepherd. Many of the positive qualities from the parents are passed along to the Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix as well as a few of the negative traits, like being bored a good bit of the time.

Information about the Doberman-Labrador Mix Breed. Border-Aussie Pup with Merle Coat. It makes for a good watchdog too.

Discover the Border Collie Australian Shepherd Mix

However, remember that this dog is a total softie, and as with any other animal, it must be treated with gentleness. The shaggy fur of this dog makes it very obvious that it needs regular grooming. Most of the time your dog will be quiet. They are eager to please their owners and want to work hard and play hard.

Thus, Collies are not meant to be apartment dogs for professionals. Blue Heeler Training Tips. Eye colors are usually brown or green. Also, remember to teach your dog that nipping at people's heels is wrong.

Pit Bull Terrier Mix. Border Collie-Husky Personality Traits.

border collie shepherd mix

The Border Collie Australian Shepherd mix is a smart, active dog that loves to work hard and play hard. Is it right for you? Find out!.

Loyalty and friendliness are two attributes that many people look for when they begin searching for a dog. There are no major known health problems of this border collie shepherd mix. The offspring born as a result of this is bound to borrow traits from both parents, though the proportion cannot be determined. It is a quiet breed overall, not inclined to be very noisy, which is very good if you have neighbors living close by.

border collie shepherd mix

It needs to keep itself busy, but does tend to get bored doing the same tasks over and over again. Thus, Collies are not meant to be apartment dogs for professionals.

Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd-Border Collie Mix

FeedFond is here with a complete guide for everything you need to know about a German Shepherd Border Collie Mix dog breed.

Teddy Bear Dog Breed. It is basically a working or herding dog like its parents, and it needs a job to do at all times. It is a family-oriented pet and needs to be around its own people. It loves new challenges, and it loves to please its owners. Thus, Collies are not meant to be apartment dogs for professionals. The hair must be trimmed if required. Different Breeds of Pit Bulls with Pictures.

The following paragraphs provide some information about the Border-Aussie dog. A dog that loves to chew! Mix Breeds of Dogs. It has an overall calm temperament.

border collie shepherd mix


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