You are a wise and compassionate veterinarian, and your patients and their families are fortunate to have you. God bless you for being so caring. She did a procedure where she put a tube down his through to pull out whatever was in his stomach, which was a few hair balls as they groom themselves. I cry today, she was part of me!

my dog killed my cat should i put him down

When they are ill there is no quality of life. He couldn't stand at all. Thank you for your beautiful words - I wish more Veterinarians were like you. Always had to make that gut wrenching decision. Thank you for the article.

I never thought my dog would do something so horrible!" I actually felt It's an animal's ability to track down, chase and kill animals for food. All dogs have a If your dog saw a fleeing cat, predatory drive could have triggered him to chase. .. Would you put your cats down for killing birds or mice too? Dogs.

So sorry you are facing the loss of your beloved NYSE. Your pet deserves a quality life. There's my loving buddy miggy. Well, I guess I am like your pet-patients' owners My dear pepe of 14 years. In any case, the intent of the office call was obvious:

my dog killed my cat should i put him down

I miss the messy terrace we had when he was alive, the traces of his feet, the feces on the left side, his annoying and loud barks every midnight. Find a Veterinarian Near She said first, animals do not fight going over to the other side. Pet funerals happen, but they are definitely not the norm and only a tiny fraction of pets have an actual ceremony.

Heydelray July 30, I found your writing the beginnings of closure. Today would be the 5th day she will not be greeting me when I get home and so far I have not had my daily cries but I'll eventually have it. So just give him your best and let him know it's ok to go now. Ricki March 29, We just lost our dog, Sissy last Monday. She came without papers, but with a vet card that said she had her first vaccination, which was untrue as the cards were fake and the signature wasn't really by a vet, but by someone that was running a puppy farm. We just lost our dog, Sissy last Monday.

God bless you for being so caring. Only wish, like you speak of, he would have gently gone in his sleep. We also have to male pits both around 4 yrs old. You were a good mama my girl.

At Home Small Animal Euthanasia (Emergency & Pest How To)

I was absolutely floored. I appreciate what you said about Nyse still eating but not living. Grief is such a hard process but you folks make it feel like we have company. There's my loving buddy miggy.

We brought him home after but he was still doing very bad. There is no shot, pill or form of therapy for either one. Upon approaching him, I had to carefully and quickly scoop him up from behind or he would bite me. She had seen me through all of my undergraduate courses, veterinary school, and several relationships.

I could say that I'm really proud to be your buddy, you were the best thing. I don't know how one makes that decision.

my dog killed my cat should i put him down

Can I shoot someone who kills my cat or dog? Good Dog I used to own a husky that would kill cats, so during the short time we had him, we could own no cats.

They know it's their time and they just go. When they are ill there is no quality of life. My heart is filled with guilt did I let her go too soon could she of gotten better!!! Prayers and hugs are with you!!!

my dog killed my cat should i put him down

I was hoping and praying that I would get a sign to let me know that she was safe on the "other side". I appreciate what you said about Nyse still eating but not living. I completely understand how you feel.

So, this morning my dog attacked my cat and killed it. If the dog was there first then you should not have kept the cats once you realized It's sad to see a pet put down, but it's more important to make sure your family is safe. -- the kids but I would still never leave him in the room alone, not for a second.

Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. He would come up when we were watching TV and just put his head in your lap. Such a beautiful piece. With this information in mind, perhaps you can understand why I apply such harsh, judgmental language to cases like this one. My last one was this last January and the only thing that gives me solace is holding her collar close to me and our new dog, Sabrina. I bought a beautiful female pug puppy who was full of life and very playful, even though we only had her for a week we loved her so much. I had my dogs cremated and I have their ashes here, with framed photos of them, and I love and miss them every day.

Vet Advice - How Do You Know When Itís Time to Say Goodbye to a Pet?

My first dog, Mitch was sick - stomach issues, cataracts, arititis, a different vet at the time would not put him down That was 5 yrs ago, we've not replaced him and it's still hard for me being that he was our only "child". I realized that creating that musical poem was a healing thing for me.

my dog killed my cat should i put him down

There will be a hole in a household, and telling the tale makes it a little more bearable. I knew he was beyond sick even though he was eating and using the box. My dog felt he did nothing wrong, and this was the first time he had every been this way. I've had three cats that have passed. It's always been a comfort to me at the time to say.. Today we had to euthanize my bunny.


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