The bad thing was she would not listen to me at all. As grossed out as I was, it was kind of sad that such poverty still exists in some areas that people have to rely on hunting these creatures to survive. She's never ever off lead in an unfenced area; she cannot be trusted.

my dog killed a possum

Originally Posted by foxywench. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with. They're also pretty adaptable creatures. Serve with chips, salad and beer. He's up to date on his rabies, just worried about possible infections. EVERY email is answered!

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I'm sure you would feel a bit lethgargic after a big meal too! IME if it doesn't agree with them it comes right back up then and there. Marsupials carry young in a pouch on the abdomen of the female. North Western NJ 6, posts, read 19,, times Reputation: Originally Posted by YellowGold. The opossum is often the animal observed and assumed to be the cause of the holes.

my dog killed a possum

If he'll kill a possum he'll kill a cat. If the opossum is using a tree to access the hole, cut the branch away from the house after the opossum leaves. Are opossums related to rats? My dog has grabbed a couple over the years Your dog has probably just eaten a whole lot more than it usually would so that could cause the sleepiness but I'd keep an eye out to make sure.

As mentioned in the question and answer above, rabies is extremely rare in the opossum. In the mean time the dogs were both freaking out that I wouldn't give them the bird back.

My dog killed a ''possum today

Then cut the possum into long sringy pieces. During the spring or summer months a female opossum laden with young must spend more time foraging for food and may be seen during the day. If the opossum does not receive an adequate amount of calcium and in the correct calcium to phosphorous ratio then MBD is highly likely to be the cause. When I rescued her from the pound, I discovered she had resource guarding issues, not with food, but with inanimate objects and location e.

Sign up for a new account in our community. My dog caught one and left little opossum babies all along the driveway. She just carried it around like one of her stuffed toys. The one on the ground may well have missed the mark when it jumped from one spot to another and fallen.

Oh Lord, this isn't going to end well, not well at all. We were lucky with this possum, that's for sure! Some people have suggested placing mothballs around, mothballs are toxic and if left outside will seep into the soil and into the ground water system, polluting the environment.

my dog killed a possum

Like stated, my dog, a LBs Alaskan Malamute just manhandled a possum in the back yard, probably snapping it's neck. I got to him before.

If food is available, they will eat. This does not mean we do not want you to raise opossums, only that you must be properly trained first! Immediately take the trash can outside.

my dog killed a possum

Any signs of problems, straight off to the vet. The opossum may have what is known as Metabolic Bone Disease MBD , also known as rickets, osteomalacia and secondary nutritional hyperparathyroidism.

Are Possums Dangerous?

My dog just bit and killed a possum in our back yard. Our dog is in need of a rabies booster and I am now very worried. Should I take him to an.

Maybe keep the food fairly bland and reduced meals for a few days in case of tummy upsets but dog can and do eat some revolting things, often without consequence. However, the initial complaint must be filed by you, the witness. I see them in Chicago all the time. This is what passes for excitement here in Hooterville. She's part sighthound, very prey driven and very fast. She's never ever off lead in an unfenced area; she cannot be trusted. We screamed and ran like little girls.

Jenna kills a possum

I would like more information about opossums. Free stew meat and you're complaining? It is best if you can wait until the non-breeding season usually October to December before sealing an area in order to give the young a chance to leave.

my dog killed a possum

Oh, and when I got close to her and her possum at one point, she growled at me to "back off my possum" which ticked me off, but I didn't push the issue. You must determine what is attracting the opossum to your area and remove the attractants or other opossums and animals will come and fill the vacated niche. Feeding wildlife is not recommended. One should spray their clothes liberally with flea repellent and use a shovel to lift and transport any animal to a burial site if allowed by law in your city, county , into a plastic bag and secure it, or call Animal Control for disposal. It's easy to subscribe and unsubscribe when you want to.


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