So we found these two friendly guys outside our front door. Go here and you can't go wrong. Southside dog, cat, and bird clinic cares about your animal just as much as you do and they DO NOT want your pet to die, i promise.

southside dog cat and bird clinic

Another thing I want to point out is this They did not look very busy, yet it took that long? I've never had a problem with wait times or rude staff, sure they're busy sometimes but thats to be expected Not only were they open on Saturday! Can't speak of the doctors or assistants.

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Do I need to keep my pet on heartworm prevention all year round? However, to blame the clinic or the staff for waiting, as if they were doing it on purpose, is ascinine. I would definitely NOT recommend taking your pets here! Fortunately they are chipped so they should get good treatment if the pound finds them. Getting My Baby Girl checked. I can call anytime I have an emergency and they have seen us through some really rough times one of the dogs had cancer. Pricing this clinic is very very reasonable in comparison to most other clinics in town!

southside dog cat and bird clinic

Because I didn't give them enough of my money last week. Third visit in a week. The female "doctor" looked at my dog and had the nerve to accuse me that my dog does not look like she had a seizure, but looks like she is high on drugs and asked if I or my room-mate keep drugs like cocaine at our house. Getting My Baby Girl checked.

A puppies first set of vaccinations includes Distemper, hepatitis, Parinfluenza, and parvo. Don't take your animals here! When I told him I was upset, the first words he said to me were, "Well there are other places you can go for this kind of service.

Southside Dog Cat & Bird Clinic

He said, "we probably should have said something. Brookwood Animal Clinic Veterinary surgeon. He was almost dead and they took a Blood test that showed several abnormalities. Do the homework I've had few problems at this clinic. We are strictly a medical and surgical clinic.

Most vets will charge you each and every time you have to take your pet in, but they just charged me for meds when I had to keep taking her back for the same problem. Very poor bed side manner, worried about nothing more than if you have your money or if your card will clear for the services t

Most vets will charge you each and every time you have to take your pet in, but they just charged me for meds when I had to keep taking her back for the same problem. After several days we took him back and they said oh he's dehydrated so they gave him iv fluids and said he should be ok with meds.

southside dog cat and bird clinic

Frequently Asked QuestionsOver the years we have noticed a number of questions asked of us that come up often. We want to better serve your time, and give.

The waiting is long sometimes depending on the day of the week. Cloverleaf, Central Oklahoma City. Sections of this page.

southside dog cat and bird clinic

I think the bad reviewers are only trying to get business for Ban since this name is used. Any pricing quotes in this FAQ is subject to change, and is not a substitute for pricing quoted over the phone or in person. Helpful 1 Share Flag.

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And all the vets that has dealt with my animals. I was made to sit in the lobby for about 2 hours last week while my very sick cat was dying. I have found my new vet hospital. I highly recommend Southside for any pet. About a year later I woke up in the morning to my pitbull acting strange, confused, not recognising me, or her surroundings and breathing rapidly. If you have time to wait hours on end, go here I took my cat here to get a rabies vaccination.

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They cleaned his teeth just fine, but they had to remove 3 teeth because of their condition. That means a lot coming from experts.

southside dog cat and bird clinic

He never did seem to care that I was never informed that teeth were removed and I was upset because of that. But still wouldnt take my babies elsewhere. Now what am I suppose to do??? I even had a lady in front of me offer me her spot but they looked at us both like that's against the law. Additional Business Details Categories: He was treated as best as i could afford. Helpful 1 Share Flag.


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