Your Vagina After Childbirth

Childbirth aftermath could be tricky. Primarily because your body meets numerous changes after that. Your vagina doesn’t stay the same. You have recently had a fully-fledged baby come out of it, what do you expect? Things are supposed to get ugly. But don’t lose hope. This is just the way things work. It is absolutely normal to experience a metamorphosis like that. I have had that experience when my daughter showed up.

Whilst childbirth is phenomenal, it drove me nuts as well finding my body slither into something unusual. My vagina felt wider and most often dry after that. Yes, things weren’t the same. But it was a hardcore truth that I learned to live with. Its elasticity gradually came back to its normal state with some easy to use home remedies which I am going to share with you later in this article. Sit back and relax. You are in safe hands.

Your Vagina After Childbirth

As the baby comes out, it makes its way from the cervix to the birth canal. Walls of vagina pave way to let the baby slip out thereby stretching your vagina in the process. Just remember the longer the labor period is the higher the stakes are for it losing its elasticity.

Wider, Dry and Sore Vaginal Opening

If you have had a recent surgery you are addressing the elephant head-on. You can feel it getting looser and softer. It would often give you a swollen feel. However, in a matter of days the swelling will start to wane and the openness of the vagina will begin to curtail.

Dryness is another innate variant that is because of lower levels of oestrogen in your body. The dryness quotient however returns when you get your periods back. So that is there! Phew! Right?

For soreness to improve naturally it generally takes a mother 6 to 12 weeks.

If all the above issues do not subside naturally, there are natural methods that you can adapt to tighten up your vag. Some of the working ones have been listed below:

Natural Cures to Tighten Your Vagina

These are remedies that will help you get your vag back in shape. Follow the suit, thank me later:

Kegel Exercises

These are simple methods that you can master in no time. It entails the contraction and relaxation of your groin muscles. Easy, right? The chore involves you contracting the muscle for about 10 seconds and then releasing them. Repeat the exercise 15 times per set. At least do a 3 set minimum. You can employ the act whilst urinating too. Hold your pee for five when you gotta really pee, and then let the storm rage on. As simple as that!

Eat Healthy

This is the key to solving every health related problem! You need your muscles to grow, right? Well what else can fuel it up but a proper diet? Make sure you pack in all the crucial nutritional elements in your diet to make sure the muscle-growth process expedites. Throw in some veggies and some fruits as well while you are at it. Grow some palate girl for fast recovery!

Goose Berries

I used to apply them a lot whilst my vag recuperated. It helps you to get back on the saddle to gain back the usual flexibility. Just make sure you get ample to boil them in water. When it goes syrupy transfer it to a bottle or something. Make it a habit to massage it whenever you take a shower.

Vaginal Tightening Gels

These come in handy when you want to get back the good ol’ vaginal shape. There are plenty of options available out there. If you are not sure the following link will help.

What are you waiting for? Chop Chop!



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