Vaginal Tightening Cream

Tight-V2Being a woman is a hard enough job. Being a woman, who doesn’t feel like enough of a woman is just traumatizing. If you are a sexually active woman you know exactly what I mean.

For me this insecurity came hot on the heels of my first child, so in addition to having become a mother, I also felt like I had lost my identity as a woman. My child had a difficult birth and at one point got stuck in the birth-canal – which is what my doctor later explained was the cause for my vagina’s loss of grip or to put it in layman’s terms my loose vagina. I knew surgery was an option, but costs were an issue for me – so I thought I’d let it fix itself.

Only it didn’t.

What made this worse however was – how helpless I felt about it. Even in the 21st century it feels like no one is talking about these issues – which is ridiculous because this is a very normal issue for any woman who has had a regular childbirth, and even many who have not!

When I first started to acknowledge my loose vagina, and started to look for a cure of some sort I thought that maybe it was just me, and that this didn’t happen to normal women. Soon enough though I realized that stretched vagina’s resulted from more than just childbirth, often times even having a well-endowed partner or not having a healthy vagina in terms of hormone balance could lead to a lax vagina.

A Cream? Yes! A Cream!

V-T-Gel-WebsiteThis knowledge gave me the courage to finally start looking for a solution – and after a long and not so encouraging quest – I finally found it. I know this is going to sound cheesy – but ladies – trust me – V-Tight Gel is literally my personal superhero (Click Here to Visit the Official Website + Limited Time Offer – Get a Free Bonus Bottle Today!)

You see – I was fed-up to my teeth with pills, and kegals and lubricating myself with Aloe Vera every morning – I mean, all of that effort – and still I had no visible results.

My Vaginal Tightening Cream is My Knight in Shining Armor

I would spend nights up nursing my newborn and simultaneously Googling ‘How to tighten your vagina’ and every other variation – starting from ‘How to tighten your vagina with surgery’, ‘How to tighten your vagina with kegals’ ‘How to tighten your vagina with naturally’ and of course ‘Vagina tightening creams’.

What’s more is, my midnight research ran way past just research, I started spending hundreds of dollars on these products and became obsessed with the hope of seeing any kind of improvement.

Using a Vaginal Tightening Cream

It got to the point where I would feel embarrassed asking my husband if he felt any difference cause he would feel guilty about saying no. V-Tight Gel was going to be my last resort before I seriously considered surgery – and I haven’t looked back since.


The V-Tight Gel is amazing – first off it came with a money back guarantee – which given the amount of money I had wasted by this point was something that did draw me in. I also liked the fact that it was completely natural, so I wasn’t worried about sliding chemicals up my vagina – I mean come on, I understand the need to tighten your flappy vagina but creating a toxic wasteland there with a multitude of v-gel’s isn’t the way to go. Another major plus was that this product promised quick almost instant results – for someone who was quite literally tired of vapid promises – this meant I could decide for myself quickly and send the product back if I didn’t like it.

But that is far from all!

My favorite part is that V-Tight Gel comes paired with an exercise regime that helps you turn your vagina-tightening attempt into a proper program – first you have the magic gel, which is amazing, as I’ve already mentioned – but then you also have clean living tips for a healthy vagina and even an exercise program for my vaginal muscles that gave me long lasting results when paired together with the gel.

Natural Vagina Tightening Cream

In fact let’s talk about the gel, the V-Tight Gel is more than just some magic lube – this gel is loaded up with Manjakani Extract, which is one of the worlds more powerful astringent herbs

– in fact this herb is the active ingredient of this magic potion

– the Manjakani helps tighten your vaginal walls, while ensuring that you don’t loose your elasticity

– it is also known to help stop the vaginal discharge that cause a bit of a fishy smell down in the nether-regions

– win/win already! What’s even better though is how quickly it worked

– I was using it regularly before sex and by the third day my husband couldn’t even believe it he felt like he had to ‘wedge himself’ into me

– and as weird as that may sound

– it was possibly the best compliment he could have given me!



Hi I'm Jodie, you'll probably know a bit about me from reading my blog. My primary importance is to help you, I totally know how it feels reading this, I was you, once. If you have any questions what-so-ever, I am are here assist you and give you all the solutions, help or just an ear to listen to. So whether you are an embarrassed or a hesitant female that doesn't know who to turn to for advice, I will try and help you the best I can. You'll get me, a real person, that has been through quite a lot and you don't even have to show your face. Don't be too shy or embarrassed to ask or reach out. Wanting to regain your sex life and intimacy is nothing to be ashamed of, it's part of life and don't ever feel inadequate as there is things and people to help you out along the way.


  1. Oh yeh, so it’s worked for you? How long did it take? I’m 42, will it still work for me?

  2. Hi, I need help, will this work for me. I’ve had 2 children and I’m 35, is it ok to use? I want something that isn’t too harsh for the area down there?

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