Vaginal Exercises: To Exercise or Not to Exercise!?

Hey Ladies!

I’ve been seeing a lot of questions on the vaginal exercises article on the whole topic of the quickest and easiest way to tighten your vagina.

So in regards from going from a ‘flappy vagina’ to tight vagina I thought I should probably elaborate a little bit.

The whole Vaginal Exercises thing was a massive bust when I first started – like most women with a loose vagina, I started with squats and then moved on to basic Kegel exercises minus the props, and to be honest the only thing that did was wear me out – I mean, doing internal crunches with your vaginal muscles may sound pretty easy, but it’s mostly just weird…

What most women tend to forget though, there really isn’t such thing as a ‘loose vagina’ not in the flappy sense – vagina’s aren’t like an elastic band or anything, like how most people describe them – they’re more like a bunch of vaginal muscles which desperately need to be toned, just like every other muscle in our body.

Vaginal Exercises: To Exercise or Not to Exercise!?

When I first started off trying to get a tighter vagina, I went with squats – mainly because they were the only vaginal exercise that I’d read up on that I understood – I mean, it’s pretty basic you can’t really mess up a squat right? Wrong. Or at least I assume I was wrong because I was at it for weeks and I didn’t think anything had changed – I’m pretty sure my husband didn’t either, the most I got out of him was an unenthusiastic ‘maybe, they work?!?’…we were both confused, and I was exhausted.

Which of course is what finally lead me to my daily Kegel practice – now, keep in mind that Kegels are specifically meant to make your vaginal muscles gain strength to help you with your vaginal grip.

The First Week of Kegals

My first week of Kegel practice of course was a complete mess – turns out I couldn’t even locate the ‘right’ vaginal muscles – Here’s a tip – make sure you try them out when you’re urinating or about to urinate, it makes it so much easier to locate! The down side to Kegels for me though was I couldn’t keep up with them – like not constantly, the way they tell you too, for me period week is a no go in the exercise department, which might explain why they only seemed to start working before the whole thing started all over again, every month.

Anyway, for those of you who want to know exactely how to do kegel exercises to try* getting a tighter vagina, refer to my complete article on vagina exercises here.

*you’ll see why I am emphasizing the word ‘try’ when you keep reading

Where I Ended Up

With all the difficulties like I mentioned above, which of course finally led to me finally discovering V-Tight Gel, which of course was my saving grace! Finally, all those hours of exercise seemed to be paying off – personally, I think it was the combination of Gel and the exercises that worked for me in the end – the gel basically gave me quicker results and the exercise finally seemed to be helping it along!



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