This page is dedicated to provide testimonials that have been submitted by some of our readers and friends. Up until now, I have helped over 210 women (and counting) to get a tighter vagina. These women (who range for mid twenties to late 50’s) have contacted me directly and wanted to share their happiness and experience with everyone simply because, going from a loose vagina to a tight vagina is something to be very happy and relieved about 🙂

If I have helped you with the information that I have provided to start making your vagina tighter or given you some inspiration or confidence, I would love to hear from you too.

Just remember, most of the information on the site is from my own personal experience, it’s first hand from me and my adventure of trying to find a way to get a tighter vagina (and what an adventure it has been!)

V-T-Gel-WebsiteLeaving your testimonial gives other people, just like how you may have started out, the encouragement to change and find a solution to tightening their vagina and the confidence to act and do so. Don’t worry, you can remain anonymous also!

I thank all my readers for contributing to my site and allowing it to become a valuable resource for all women of all ages on how to get a tighter vagina.

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What Women Are Saying

You’ve heard it from me so let other women do the talking!

Abbey – Mother of 3 children, Age: 30-35

Testimonial-1“I met Jodie way back in 2011 when she was doing some early research on how to get a tighter vagina. I thought she was crazy. Here I was, as a mother of 3 young children and she only had 1 child at the time and I thought, geez, you start getting a loose vagina after even 1 child. I joined in on her research, we trialed everything we could to get a tighter vagina until we found a few solutions that we constantly used on and off for a few years. Thanks for the ride, your a great information source, providing an actual solution in the gel and inspiration to a lot of women!”

Reader – Single, No Kids, Age: 30-35

“After finding Jodie’s site online, I am contributing my success now after only 4 months of using the vaginal cream and regime she recommends. To be exact, I believe I am half way to getting a fully tighter vagina as I am hoping to go back to how I was about 2 years ago. I still don’t know what caused my vagina to go so loose and after going to female physicians, they couldn’t advise me either. All I know is that what Jodie recommends is amazing and it’s worked for a lot of us. Simply put, I can’t imagine not using it and after I have kids, I will be definitely ordering a big supply of this vagina cream again to combat a loose vagina after giving birth.”

Suzanne – Divorced, 2 Older Kids, Age: Over 50

Testimonial-2“Excellent, excellent. I am really happy as I am starting to get a tighter vagina after about 12 weeks. I am an older bird, in my 50’s and divorced but I have 2 older kids in their 20’s. My loose vagina was worrying me as I want another partner in my life and I thought I wouldn’t be able to get a tight vagina again because of my age/hormones. Overall, very happy with the results of using the cream thus far and quite surprised actually.”

Jackie – Age: 34

Testimonal-4Not something that I’d normally do but since Jod has invested quite a bit putting this together and attending to us female issues, I’m glad to provide my feedback. Currently on course to completing my 5th month using the gel/cream Jod recommended, I don’t think I really needed to use it as long as I did but I did anyway – saw results after 1.5 months…. Pretty stoked at the results overall. I was pretty much a non-believer of this stuff but it actually works. Really happy, it’s natural and safe to use. I recommend it to all my friends (well those that need a little tightening anyway LOL..)”

Anonymous – Married, 1 Child, Age: 38

“Works like magic, literally amazing. I was unsure at the start whether it was even worth it but it really does work, thank goodness”




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