Loose Vagina

The First Step to Addressing Your Loose Vagina is Understanding Your Vagina’s Needs!

A woman’s vagina is basically her entire existence in a way. We have sex, we give birth to children, and of course bleed like a stuck pig once a month – the point is all our intimate relationships, tie back to that one thing. Which is why it shouldn’t be such a taboo subject to discuss vaginal healthcare or vaginal issues – and yet it is.

As a result none of us really know exactly how to take care of our vaginas once they’ve changed or are changing. Now, your vagina changes, or in this specific case your vagina loosens, for any number of reasons – age, sexual intercourse, childbirth, health issues – but none of these things are things that we are made aware about, which in turn is why we don’t understand what is happening and even worse we don’t understand what to do when those same changes have already happened.

Now that we’ve talked about why it a woman’s vagina loosens or loses its tightness – why don’t we talk about how we can fix it.

Tightening a Vagina

Tightening a vagina is something that can be gone about in several ways, herbal remedies, Kegal exercises or even certain pills.

Of these many methods, a combination of a proper gel such as V-Tight is known to have amazing benefits especially when balanced with healthy eating and an exercise program. Either way, a loose vagina is nothing to be ashamed of, it is merely another of the many female problems we women deal with – instead consider yourself armed with the information to fix it!



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