About Jodie

Jodie&MarkHi, I’m Jodie

I am the author and contributor to this site.

So, you’ve landed on my about page because you want to connect closer with me and I’m glad that you want to, I’d be happy to have some company around here, actually really happy to be honest…

I originally started the site back in 2010 to discuss women’s intimate issues and it’s developed from there. As a relatively young Mom that is going through life, I get it, I totally know how it feels to be a Mom, wife, cook, cleaner, work a full time job and full time sex life (hmmm…full time or part time, I have decided on this one yet, that’s open for interpretation?!?)

I live in the US, I’m a teacher, my husband is an accountant and our 5 year old daughter is a wanna-be ballerina/hairdresser/designer, depending on the month, it changes.

Soon after giving birth, I knew something wasn’t quite right down in the vaginal region but I knew I needed time to ‘heal’. My husband and I started regaining our sex life quicker than I expected so that was good sign considering what I had read all over the internet. However, something that did concur with reading on the internet was that our sex life had changed, my vagina had changed. It just did, whether a doctor will tell you that it’s possible or not, every woman’s vagina changes after birth.

How? It got looser and things just didn’t feel the same as they used to. I gave it more time and more time, hoping things would get better. Eventually, I had enough. Yes, I was patient, but patient up to a certain extent, you can’t wait thinking something will change if you don’t do anything about it?

Anyway, this blog details all about my journey, in a nutshell from loose to tight. I have always been completely honest and upfront, I was say things how they are and I will only ever encourage something if I believe it’s worth your time and money.

Also, I love hearing from my readers. If you would like to contribute or just would like to pop by, I encourage you to leave a comment anywhere on the site as I check these regularly and can respond to you promptly. Leaving a comment also helps fellow readers as they can learn from your questions/concerns. Also remember – no question is a silly question and if it’s happened to you, it surely has happened to another woman too.

Alternatively, you can use the contact form on our Contact Me page which allows you to privately contact me and I will respond via personal email (ensure you leave an email address you check regularly so I can contact you back from our email).

With Love, Jodie xx

P.S Are you a Man? Are you trying to help your partner, girlfriend or wife to get a tighter v? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered too. Along the way, I recruited my handy, handsome husband to answer some questions that I received on my email and contact forms, from some men out there. It’s questions that I could answer and knew about but it was better coming from a males point of view. So if that’s you, still don’t hesitate to contact me, you’ll get the best opinion and experience from my very own husband.