3 Months Using A Vagina Tightening Cream

How My Happily Ever-After is a road paved with V-Tight Gel

When I first started using V-Tight Gel, I not only was suffering from a loose vagina but also from disillusionment as to the man purported remedies on how to tighten one’s vagina naturally, or in any way really – creams, sticks, gooseberries – you name it! If it had been recommended for tightening your vaginal walls I had tried it – I had tried literally everything and to no avail. Well not everything – I was considering surgery, but the costs held me back. This was when I first heard about V-Tight Gel.

Now by this point I have already told you about how the 100% refund drew me in, what I haven’t told you (cause I couldn’t) are the aftereffects! I have literally one word for the V-Tight Gel – WONDEROUS!

I have literally never been so absolutely in love with a vaginal tightening product in my life. After one very difficult childbirth and the natural results of many years of sexual activity – I had begun to feel like one of those women in a bad dirty joke – I felt loose – literally. My husband, bless him, wasn’t a complainer but even I could tell that our sex life was not what it used to be. It got to the point where I wasn’t orgasming at all, partly because of the state of affair downstairs and partly because I was so busy obsessing over it, and it wasn’t much different from him. At one point I think he was afraid of having sex because he knew I was going to end it by asking him if it felt tighter.

3 Months On Using My Vagina Tightening Cream

Today, three months after using V-Tight religiously, and in combination with the recommended healthy choices and exercises – I can actually grip with my vaginal muscles! And I understand that may not be a big deal to twenty-nine year old, at my age and after having your kid stuck in your vagina during childbirth – I genuinely thought I would never feel this way again!

But here I am – my vagina is noticeably tighter, and don’t need to keep asking my husband for reaffirmation – which believe me is a relief for him and me!



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